Thing #1 Let the Blogging Commence!

If you’re here, then you’ve registered your blog and you’re ready to share your learning experience: the good, the bad, AND the ugly! Your blog is your tool to communicate with others the (hopefully!) cool things you’re learning and your opinions about what you’ve learned. To make this program its most valuable to you, your library, and your library’s patrons, we hope you’ll gain insight into ways of using what you’ve learned.

  • How can blogging be used in a public library setting?
  • What would you consider a target audience?
  • What information could be, should be shared through a blog?
  • What do you consider a blog to be?
  • Is a blog a blog if readers aren’t allowed to post comments?

These aren’t questions you have to respond to here, they’re merely posed as food for thought. Before anyone decides to publish a blog, these types of questions should be considered. defines a blog as: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.

Although it isn’t personal, the St. Johns County Public Library System’s website is a blog! The site provides journal entries on topics that relate to the library system. So what we may just consider a Web site could also be considered a blog.

Here are a few examples of public libraries using blogs:

Birmingham Public Library

New York Public Library

The Randolph County Public Library in North Carolina uses blogs targeted towards specific patron groups.

And what about this for a great idea… The Friends of Seattle Public Library maintain a blog. Could that be considered free advertising??


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