Scrolling Through the Blogroll

We’re nearly a third of the way through the Things already! Here’s a quick look at some of the tasks completed by SJCPLS Bloggers and their opinions of what they’ve learned so far!

Even rival bears can be friends at the library, photo by Loretta.


So many ways we could enchance our services and punch up our web sites. Making pictures of library events available on flickr, making a flickr show of all the services we offer, so the public is aware of how Libraries are evolving! –Brasschtales

Is someone enjoying online image generators or what?! From AuggieBlogg:

letter T h-ca2 Wooden Tile I S

Pewter Ransom Font I S

F U N 01-11-07_1655

Regarding Thing #2….

This was an enlightening step.
I feel like a buggy whip manufacturer looking Henry Ford in the eye. Even from my current point of view, (the beginning) the possibilities seem truly endless. To not only post information, but to have an interactive exchange with patrons…getting a sense of their needs and making the appropriate choices, is a beautiful thing. –23thingsthatmatter


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