Thing #22 Staying Sharp

Based on the readings of everyone’s blogs, I’d say there’s been a lot of learning going on at SJCPLS! So many of you have stayed the course and made wonderful discussion posts about the Things. The NEFLIN posts have prompted us to consider real-world uses for the technologies impacting libraries. Some tools are already implemented, others are being discussed, and some are ready to be used. 

Bloggers have definitely found use for most of the tools both in their library world and in their personal lives. Photos have been posted, images created, and ideas shared. One thing for sure, these technologies are going to continue to grow and morph and as information providers, it is vital that we stay sharp of these changes. 

Hopefully through RSS, we will have the latest and greatest news of our field delivered to our monitors. May the news keep coming and may the Things continue to compliment our work within libraries.


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