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Thing #18 Face It

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are technologies being used in creative and positive ways to connect with people. Some of these “people” are patrons of the library or possible patrons of the library and that is what matters the most about these tools of technology. They offer ways to connect, collaborate, share, and build relationships with a library’s customer base. These relationships are vital to a library and for that reason alone these tools are of importance.

David Lee King shared how the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library is using Facebook to reach an online community of library users. Facebook is a FREE format to promote library events. Who can deny the value of free press??

I am excited to announce the SJCPLS will be introducing a Facebook page in the near future! It is currently in the works and will feature event announcements, search tools, photos, and much more! Be sure to become a fan of the page once it is live and visible on Facebook!


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Thing #17 Say What?!

Podcasting in libraries is HUGE! Thanks to this Thing, we have learned about super easy to use programs that allow us to chat up a topic and save it to share for others.

The Boulder Public Library (CO) has a Teen Webcast page but I found a variety of PODCASTS there, created with Gcast. What a great idea and way to encourage teens to contribute to our branches.

The Kankakee Public Library (IL) hosts a podcasts & vodcasts page. Their site shares a wide variety of recordings, including an author visit.

Here’s an example of how a podcast is being used to promote a county-wide book read at the Pierce County Public Library (WA).

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Scrolling Through the Blogroll

We’re nearly a third of the way through the Things already! Here’s a quick look at some of the tasks completed by SJCPLS Bloggers and their opinions of what they’ve learned so far!

Even rival bears can be friends at the library, photo by Loretta.


So many ways we could enchance our services and punch up our web sites. Making pictures of library events available on flickr, making a flickr show of all the services we offer, so the public is aware of how Libraries are evolving! –Brasschtales

Is someone enjoying online image generators or what?! From AuggieBlogg:

letter T h-ca2 Wooden Tile I S

Pewter Ransom Font I S

F U N 01-11-07_1655

Regarding Thing #2….

This was an enlightening step.
I feel like a buggy whip manufacturer looking Henry Ford in the eye. Even from my current point of view, (the beginning) the possibilities seem truly endless. To not only post information, but to have an interactive exchange with patrons…getting a sense of their needs and making the appropriate choices, is a beautiful thing. –23thingsthatmatter

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Thing #7 Talking About My Generator

Generating fun and functional images couldn’t be any easier! I created a useful guide here.

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Thing #6 They Did the Mash!

The third E A McElman_080417_6518_D

Does your branch host any gaming events? Would a puzzled mashup of photos help promote your event? You could include photos from a previous gaming night or take new photos of game-related items and books!

Although NEFLIN’s warning about time-consumption is true, using mashups might be a fun method to grab attention online for future library events.

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Thing #5 Your Friend Flickr

Thing #5 invites you to play with pictures! How fun! Which option are you going to choose… Option A or B…? Are you posting a photograph taken by you or someone else? If you’re “borrowing” a photo, do you have permission to do so? Have you considered copyright?? Are you familiar with Creative Commons? Learn all about it here!


Confused?! Scared to use “found” objects? Don’t be! Just be aware of the works you include… and share your own creations. From the Creative Commons website:

CC Licenses work alongside copyright

Creative Commons licenses are not an alternative to copyright. They work alongside copyright, so you can modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs. We’ve collaborated with intellectual property experts all around the world to ensure that our licenses work globally.

Flickr has many groups on their site who promote Creative Commons and share their photographic works with permission for others to use. You can find many of them here.

Would you like to add a Flickr Badge to your blog that features your photos? Here are the instructions… give it a try!

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Thing #4 It’s Simple, Really


Thing #4 focuses on RSS feeds. It’s true, they really are simple and they make staying current on your favorite websites super easy. Now would be a great opportunity to add your fellow SJCPLS Bloggers to your RSS feeder.

Here are a few library/librarian sites that you may want to add to your feeds:

Free Range Librarian



Libraries For My Friends

The Shifted Librarian

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