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Thing #18 Face It

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are technologies being used in creative and positive ways to connect with people. Some of these “people” are patrons of the library or possible patrons of the library and that is what matters the most about these tools of technology. They offer ways to connect, collaborate, share, and build relationships with a library’s customer base. These relationships are vital to a library and for that reason alone these tools are of importance.

David Lee King shared how the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library is using Facebook to reach an online community of library users. Facebook is a FREE format to promote library events. Who can deny the value of free press??

I am excited to announce the SJCPLS will be introducing a Facebook page in the near future! It is currently in the works and will feature event announcements, search tools, photos, and much more! Be sure to become a fan of the page once it is live and visible on Facebook!


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